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About My Clipboard

What is this for?

Companies such as Apple allow you to copy text seamlessly between devices made by them - for example Macs and iPhones - but not between devices outside of the ecosystem.

My Clipboard allows you to copy text between any device using the Chrome Extension, the iPhone App, the iPad App, the Android app, and this website.

See for download links.


While data is sent to and from the servers securely, do not use this service to copy sensitive info such as passwords.

Who Makes This?

Reed Colloton is the developer.

Contact me at [email protected].


My Clipboard stores your login email; a secure salted, sha256 hash of your password; and your most recently pasted text.

Only the most recent contents of your clipboard are stored.

Additionally, the contents are automatically deleted from the servers after about 3 days.

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Terms And Conditions

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